The biggest market on the planet with 310 million active buyers, Amazon is the choice of more than 10 million sellers — and the numbers are growing rapidly. With a high chance of quick and big profit, Amazon selling a business is becoming the choice of many to earn while sitting at home.

If you’re also dreaming of generating a passive income as an Amazon seller while sitting in Pakistan, welcome. Today, you’ll learn in detail how you can easily open an Amazon seller account in Pakistan with a simple step by step process.

Let’s get into it.

Create Your Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan: Easy Steps

As you’re probably aware, Pakistan is now in the list of countries that Amazon approves to sell from. Before, things were different, and sellers had to use the business addresses and bank accounts of countries like the US or UK to sell on Amazon.

But, now, here’s how you can easily create an Amazon seller account in Pakistan:

Step 1:

Visit Amazon’s seller central page. Click on Sign up. It will take you to a new page.

Step 2:

Click on ‘Create Your Amazon Account’.

It will take you to a new page where you’ve to fill in your name, give your email, and password. Use your real name that’s on your national ID, use a functioning email, and create a strong password to enhance the security.

Amazon will now require you to verify your email address by sending you an OTP. Check your email inbox, spam, or promotions folder to see the OTP, then type it in opt-in form where it requires.

Once you’re done entering the OTP, click Create Your Amazon Account.

Step 3:

You’re now on a new page where Amazon will require your country, business location, chargeable debit card, and your personal identity.

Select your country as Pakistan. Then you’ll be asked to select a business type. If you’re selling less than 40 products, it’s ideal you choose “individual” for less monthly Amazon fee. Also, you’ll find a box where it says type your name. Give your real name there.

Then click, ‘agree and continue button’.

Step 4:

Because you’ve selected an individual, Amazon will now ask for your personal information. The country of residency, the birth country, national ID card number, exact business address, date of birth, mobile number, etc.

Fill in all the information, and click on ‘send OTP’. Amazon will send an OTP on the mobile number you’ve just given. Type the OTP, and click verify. After the verification is successfully done, click ‘next’.

Step 5:

Now, on this page, you’ll give your credit card information. Fill it and click ‘next’.

Step 6:

On this page, you’ve to write your store name. And, if you’ve UPCs, trademarks, or you’re a manufacturer, tick the boxes ‘yes’ or ‘no’ accordingly. Then click next.

Step 7:

This page will require you to upload the front and back of your CNIC or National ID card. (Simply take the picture of the front side, and then the back side. Upload them one by one).

The page will also require you to upload a picture of your ‘bank statement’.

Finally, in this step, Amazon will verify all your details. The process might take 2 business days.

Step 8:

Once it’s approved, Amazon will send you a postcard with a code in it on the address you’ve provided.

Enter the code when you receive the package, and finish the process.

Here’s what it looks like when you’re approved finally:

Need Further Help in Creating Your Seller Account in Pakistan?

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