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Amazon Brand Registry unlocks all-new unique features to give you full control in protecting and grooming your brand.

Amazon Brand Registry is Benefic

Do you want to protect your brand from counterfeits? Do you want to gain full control over listings, and ads, and how they appear? And, what’s even more convincing: do you desire to surge sales? Of course, you do, so you must enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry Program.

Amazon says more than 130,000 brands have registered, and those brands encountered 99% less infringement than before. Amazon Brand Registry Program protects your trademarks, gives you enhanced reporting tools, and allows you to give the right experience to your customers. You simply become a verified brand so no one can hijack your listings and you present your accurate picture.

Simple Strategic Steps

Here’s the simple-steps process of protecting your brand.

Eligibility Requirements

We’ll make sure you’re eligible, and you’ve a registered trademark in the form of image or text, along with other documents.

Signing in with Seller Credentials

After that, we’ll sign in to your Seller or Vendor account. If you don’t have an account already, we’ll help you by creating one.

Enrolling in the Brand Registry Program

We’ll finally enroll your brand by coping with all the requirements: a product category, brand name with a trademark, and a list of where in the world you manufacture & distribute your products.

Why Partner with AMZOBSERVER?

Because of the lightning-fast services, and ensuring you get the right documents in your hands before applying for the Amazon Brand Registry Program. Moreover, you cannot only rely on Amazon’s proactive feature. Counterfeits can discover new ways to steal and change your listings — but not if we’re more active. Our experts will find and report those scammers in time, every time, before they spam.

And let’s not just stop right there.

You’ve family, friends, and other important matters in your life to focus on. You don’t want to sit down and waste hours writing emails, and picking calls when you’re having a good time with your family that’s where we step in to help you. We do all the communications with Amazon, and we inform you only when you’ve time to focus. It’s like automating your brand in the background.

Protect Your Brand by Gaining Complete Control.

You don’t actually own your brand until you’re registered. See what makes brand registry essential.

Surge your Sales by Registering your Brand

The best benefit you can ever get through Amazon Brand Registry is the increase in your sales. Amazon prefers ranking the listings of brands that are registered.
Even if some non-registered sellers still copy your listing, first, they will be suspended immediately. And, second, they can never outrank you because Amazon will only consider you the authority. So you boost your chance of selling more.

Stay ahead against Scammers

Advanced search and reporting tools of Amazon help you stay ahead against scammers. For example, with the image search tool, you can know instantly who ever tries to use your product images or logo, and you can report them without wasting a second. Later, Amazon bans scammers within eight hours 95% of the time. So, it is almost impossible for any third party seller to resell your products, content, or trademark

Create Your Brand Buzz

When you register your brand, the Sponsored Brand option is unlocked for you. With this, you can showcase your three best-selling products, along with your brand logo, name, and tagline. Your brand will appear on top in your category on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform when you sponsor it.
That’s an unimaginable branding opportunity right there for you that brings you direct sales, too. However, it’s only accessible to registered brands. So, register now to build your brand buzz. 

How AMZOBSERVER Assists You in Amazon Brand Registry?

We talk to you first. Then, we both decide strategic steps on when to enroll your brand. Here are the reasons for working with us:

  • We’ll find and report scammers every time before even Amazon realizes.
  • We’ll do communications with Amazon without disturbing your peace.
  • We’ll enroll your brand faster as we’re experts in what we do.
  • With us, you simply automate your brand growth in the background.
  • We respond to your calls, emails, and messages any time of the day.

Now is your chance to secure your brand before anything frustrating happens. Schedule a free consultation call now.

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