DropShipping Services

Amazon now outnumbers Google in terms of product searches. You are squandering an opportunity if you don’t sell on Amazon. There are multiple marketplaces where you can start your business, but Amazon is still the most popular.

Amazon Dropshipping is a revolutionary retail business model that eliminates the need for reselling product inventories. Retailers earlier used to buy goods from wholesalers to sell to their end consumers. In the Amazon Dropshipping eBay model, Amazobserver will provide you with a product catalog at a wholesale price that you may resale to your customers at a profit via your website, marketplace, or any other platform.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping allows you to partner with a supplier to display their products in your store. In other words, you can sell their goods.

The supplier retains each product in their own warehouse until the item is ordered.

When an item is ordered from your site, the supplier will then ship the product directly to your customer.

The product itself never passes through your hands.

Dropshipping can be a convenient way to offer your customers more products or to launch your own business.

Amazon Bulk

Tech2Globe offers the possibility of bulk product uploading to Amazon to save time.

Product Promotion
On Amazon

Amzobserver offers Amazon’s ongoing specials and promotions, to help you boost your sales.

Integration With Amazon’s Dropshipping API

Amzobserver’s API allows for a fully automated Amazon Dropshipping solution.

Brands From Around
The World

We provide you full access to our product library, which includes many high-street brands items.

Guaranteed Lowest
Wholesale Costs

We provide our resellers with the lowest wholesale pricing from any wholesale or fashion.

Thousands Of Best-Selling Items

We have over 12,000 wholesale goods in the all categories, clubwear, women’s clothes available.

It’s Simple To Get Started With AmzObserver

Select The Most Appropriate Dropshipping Plan for You

If you wonder how to start an Amazon Dropshipping business, we will provide everything you will need to launch your e-commerce venture. Whether you are a curious newbie, a seasoned marketer, or a well-established corporation, Tech2Globe has a dropship plan to match your demands. Check out our Amazon Dropshipping fees and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Choose The Products You Want to Offer on Your Website

Choose from thousands of products in the most lucrative area. We have a large selection of items from some of the most well-known companies in the world.

Product Specifications for Export

CSV and XML feeds may be used to export product details such as descriptions, images, SKUs, and pricing. Exporting is straightforward using the feed files. You are free to use the product information on your website.

Selling Products and Getting Paid

You may sell things on your website/marketplaces and get paid directly by your consumers. To earn up to 60% profit, set the margins for your cost and selling price.

Deliver Orders Directly to Customers

You pay for the items you sell, and we immediately transmit your order to our warehouse to be processed. We normally dropship across the United States (depending on your customer’s location, limitations may apply).

Why Should You Choose Us?

Customers who have issues with Amazon Dropshipping receive thorough support from us. We also connect with our clients frequently by email, phone, and web-conferencing. We have a thorough awareness of the benefits and drawbacks of various company models. We work with customers to help them accelerate their existing business model, transition to a new one, or run hybrid business models.

Tech2Globe is one of the best Amazon Dropshipping companies, offering comprehensive solutions for Amazon Dropshipping automation, Amazon Dropshipping guide and course, and assisting online e-commerce shops and sellers on Amazon.

Major Benefits

    International Products at Wholesale Cost

    • 50,000+ Products, 4,000+ SKUs worth USD 900,000.
    • Products are provided at proper wholesale prices.
    • Set your own selling price.
    • Highly saleable products.
    • Multiple categories to choose from, either list all products or the chosen ones.


    Automatic Stock Updates

    • We create Smart Websites for our clients.
    • All the stock-outs are marked in real time.
    • New products will be auto-added in the website.
    • No manual work anymore for updating stocks or the addition of new products.


    Free Delivery Across The Globe

    • Free delivery to 26000+ pin codes
    • We provide international shipments too
    • We are connected with leading courier companies to ship our products
    • Same-day shipment
    • Tracking number provided to all our shipments


    Ship to International Locations

    • We ship your orders to International locations including USA, UK, Dubai, Canada, and other countries.
    • Pay wholesale cost in rupees and sell to international customers in dollars or pounds.


    E-commerce website & Hosting

    • Get your own branded E-commerce website
    • 5 Great Design Themes
    • 100% Admin access granted
    • Free cloud hosting
    • Pre-integrated shipping and payment gateways
    • Free tools like Bulk Import & Export, Marketing tools and more


    Free Marketing tool

    • Coupon Code Generator tool- Publish your own coupon code with predefined settings using our
    • Affiliate Marketing tool- Let other people sell for you
    • Special Discounts – with your own rules
    • 500 Free SMS Credits


    Sell on Various Platforms

    • Sell on your own website that we’ll provide or build your own
    • Sell on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc.,
    • Sell on social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.,
    • Sell via chat tools & emails like Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.,


    White Label Branding

    • Your end customers will see only your name in the Website and in the shipments they receive
    • Our brand name will be totally hidden from your end customers
    • Focus on branding yourself and we’ll provide 100% co-operation


    King-Size Profit

    • Set your own profit margin with an average of 50-80%
    • Up to 45% markdown margin on MRP products
    • Products will be available to you at wholesale cost
    • Pay the wholesale cost of products only after receiving the retail cost from your customers