Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The importance of SEO cannot be denied. What happens when you need anything? If it is something general, you head to Google, and if you want to purchase something, you rely on the search Amazon. Winning products are those which appear on top of search results, and there are only two ways to be on top, Paid Ads or proper SEO. Paid Ads will expire, but an optimized product will always hold key positions. AMZ Observer team boasts years of experience to bring your product to the top of search results, not only for one but multiple keywords.

Amazon Account Management:

Managing a seller account on Amazon is no joke. You need to constantly keep up with the competition and improving the key aspects of your store and products. You need to answer customer’s questions and keep an eye on the reviews as well. Finally, and most importantly, the sales and product fulfillment, you need to stay in touch with your supplier, warehouse, or shipping partners. A winning store has an Amazon account that is properly maintained and everything working like a well-oiled machine.

Sponsored Ads Management:

The easiest way to succeed and product exposure is through paid advertising. However, making and configuring a proper Ad that effectively reaches the most buyers is tricky. You need to pay attention to some key factors like audience selection and the cost per click calculation because you do not want to overspend, nor you want to spend too little that your competition takes all the spots. Timing is also an important aspect when deciding on launching an Ad campaign. Let AMZ observer manage your Ad campaign and help you make the most out of your campaign.

Product Launch:

Introducing your product to the world is an important step. They say the first impression is the last; well, they are not wrong. With very high competition on the Amazon marketplace, if you get your product launch right, you will see a big sales surge. Choosing the right title, product images, video, narration, key points, short description, and detailed product description, everything holds its place. Here at AMZ Observer, we have studied winning products and researched why products fail, and using this knowledge, we offer the most effective ways to launch your products on the world’s largest online store.

Amazon Listing Optimization:

Amazon is always looking to improve user experience, and while delivering the best search and product listing services, it becomes difficult to keep up with the new and improved algorithms of Amazon. Here at AMZ Observer, we have a dedicated team that keeps an eye on such changes and monitors your competition. We will make any necessary changes before it badly affects your product listings and product position in the search listings of Amazon.

Protection & Assistance Brand:

Amazon is open to sellers from around the globe. This creates a diverse market experience; however, at the same time, some people take the shortcut and try to duplicate your product. These duplicates and fake products are substandard and adversely affect the name of your product as well. We will keep an eye out for such copycats and offer solutions to stand out and also keep Amazon in the loop that there are fake, low-quality listings appearing on their platform.

Data-Driven Decisions:

Most of the stores fail on Amazon because they do guesswork with no data to back their decisions. The easiest and most common way is to reduce your profit margin. Yes, that might work, but there are two major hurdles: Amazon will not let you list products at unrealistic prices, plus buyers will also feel something fishy is going on, and two, you will not be able to keep running your store for longer. Your store will need to invest in Advertising; also, you may win by offer faster deliveries.

To be successful, you need to make decisions that are backed by data. At AMZ Observer, we make sure that every decision we make or suggest to you is supported by market-leading economic and business facts.

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Amazon Brand Registry:

Are you launching something new? Are you planning on something previously not listed on Amazon? Well, why not go for Amazon Brand Registry? Brand registry is for those who want to avoid fake products and fake sellers selling “your” products without permission.

Save yourself and your brand by creating Amazon Brand Registry and be the only seller selling the genuine product yourself. Don’t worry if you do not know how it’s done; we know how to do it!

Customer Service:

One sure way to succeed is to provide excellent customer service. Be there when your buyers need you, or a potential buyer needs some clarification. Amazon has a question-answer section where your buyers will ask questions about your product; the quicker you reply to them, the easier it will be for them to make the purchase.

You cannot be available to answer their queries 24/7 but guess what? Here at AMZ Observer, we can provide excellent customer service on your behalf. Whether it is replying to the QA section questions or answering support emails, we can do it all.